Meet Becky

I have always been enthusiastic about exercise since I was little; as soon as I could walk there was no stopping me, I would excitedly run everywhere, climb on everything and generally be a mothers night mare! Although this makes me sound like daddies angel, I was sent to ballet at the young age of 4, which then became my main hobby along with tap and jazz until 16 where, because of school exams, and going to study sport at college, my 15+hours of classical dance a week went down to about 2. There is something so beautiful and graceful about a ballet and I loved the structure and discipline of the dance, I can’t keep away for long so still today I go for the odd hour here and there.

This passion for dance and keeping active is fused together so perfectly by Zumba. I love teaching classes, and helping people get fit and have fun at the same time, there is something about having a wiggle that makes everyone giggle, you go home forgetting that you came to work out.
Through my life I have had random hobbies such as playing with and riding off road motorbikes, go karts, jet skis, quads as well as skate boarding, roller-blading and trampolining, pretty much anything I could get my hands on I would give a go.

These days I have grown up a little bit, although I still never say no and give anything a go. I love going out doors and riding my bike along coastal paths and through woods, the muddier the better. I try to surf, when there is no surf, hiring a canoe and exploring the many different watery treasure coves of Cornwall is a very fun day out.

When the weather isn’t up to standards, I love to cook, bake and experiment with ingredients to find yummy, nutritious good for you meals, to share with my friends and family, and of course with you lovely people.

My passion and dedication to health, fitness and wellbeing lead me to establish R U FITness. I really want to share my passion and knowledge with you and help you achieve your goals. My aim is to provide an enthusiastic, professional and friendly approach to personal training and in all my classes to ensure every session is enjoyable and focused. I’m always looking to improve my knowledge and development so I am up to date with the latest information. I’d like to educate you about your health and fitness and how you can take control of your training and learn to live happily and well. I to have eating habits and can demolish a bag of sweets in no time, it’s not about denying yourself from your favourite treats, you can still look and feel great, and have that coffee and cake with a friend.