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    Sometimes getting a workout in and around my schedule can be tricky. But making that quick 30 minute slot will usually give the best workout. I use Tabata training, to work my energy systems to the max meaning I burn fat and work the Cardio Vaslcular at the same time. I’ll choose five exercises,...

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    My Fitness Pal – Good or No?

    Hey there RUFITers… Food, I LOVE it, but I’ve been having some issues. Let me explain… Every weekend I plan my own personal exercise session around work and other commitments for the coming week. Ill also jot down what foods I could have on each day to keep it interesting and work for...

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  • depression

    Exercise, Anxiety and Depression.

    How many people do you know that suffer from Anxiety or depression? How many of them have gone to the doctors to figure out what is wrong with them? How many were prescribed medication in a bottle or a pot? Did you know that there is another cure, which is FREE! It has a name

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  • meet the stars

    Nathalie’s Story.

    March 2014 I received an email from a lady looking for personal training. We organised a meeting time for a coffee and to introduce ourselves to each other. I discovered that she belongs to a gym, but really doesn’t know what she is doing and just gets ideas from watching other people. She discovered...

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    Food Gallery

    If there is something you like to look of, just click on it to find the details.

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