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    10 reasons why you should join small group training.

    Enrolling in a small group class makes workouts more enjoyable and you also get better results than you would typically get from spending hours alone on a treadmill. You can see so much ‘advice’ and instruction from so many different sources, how do you know which is right to do? There are...

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  • weight-loss-tips

    Weight Loss and How to Achieve It.

    ” I want to loose weight” This is probably the most common reason for people wanting to start exercising. To lose weight, should I spend my time doing more cardio or more strength training? To lose weight, what should I eat? To lose weight, how often should I eat? How long do I need to

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  • 30 day detox

    Detoxing-The Results!

    January – The month of Detoxing. Many people set ‘New years resolutions’ to get fit, be healthy and loose weight. I have never really understood why we wait until January, but this year I led a group of committed beings through a tough Detox. Here is what happened:  Why Detox? Our...

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  • keep active

    Keep active over Christmas

    We all know that during this time of year, fitness is the last thing on your priority list after wrapping present, indulgent Christmas Parties and visiting family. This is the time that short bursts of exercise are the best and most effective way to keep moving. It will give you more energy, get you...

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  • Over Eating at Christmas.

    Christmas seems to be a time for over-indulging in foods we would normally avoid, putting immense pressure on our digestive tracts thus expanding our waistlines. We put our bodies through a massive stress when eating and drinking too much food and drink. With a little fore thought we can help ourselves...

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