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    10 reasons why you should join small group training.

    Enrolling in a small group class makes workouts more enjoyable and you also get better results than you would typically get from spending hours alone on a treadmill. You can see so much ‘advice’ and instruction from so many different sources, how do you know which is right to do? There are...

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    Summer in Cornwall, isn’t it a beautifully crazy time.   Tourists flock to the furthest south west of the UK possible for a chance of peace, fresh air, clean beaches and probably the chance to surf. It’s funny that if this is the only time of year they visit they will probably think...

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    Functional Fitness

    Functional fitness and functional exercise are the latest gym buzzwords. They focus on building a body capable of doing real-life activities in real-life positions, not just lifting a certain amount of weight in an idealized posture created by a gym machine. The key to functional exercise is integration....

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  • The Re-Launch of RU-FIT

    This event has had me really nervous for a few weeks.So many questions like…How will my new routines go down? Have I been teaching children for so long I’ve forgotten how to teach adults? Will I remember old routines? Most worrying was weather if everything would be ready in time. Luckily,...

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    The RE-LAUNCH is fast approaching and I’m getting excited. 16th – 27th September -1/2 price classes -1/2 price PT – 20% off the new RUFITness wear – new classes to try   Spread the word, get your friends involved, help me help you get fit whilst having fun. Any questions,...

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