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What do you think to the idea of not really knowing what is in the food you eat?

Preservatives, additives and not forgetting the lack of information that some packets say ‘Low fat’ but doesn’t say ‘high in everything else’. But a lot of people struggle to find the time to make good food, and end up making something quick and easy which is usually from a packet.

My idea is to help you start to use more fresh ingredients as much as possible, have a balanced diet and know what you’re eating. Make the time to prepare your food, make your work lunch the night before, put your dinner in a slow cooker in the morning, make healthy snacks at the weekend for picking at in the week. It’s so easy to change the way you eat, look at the following pages, which get updated regularly, for some yummy ideas, that I have either created myself or have hunted down and tried from various resources. If you have any lovely recipes and would like to share please email them to me and I’ll post them on the website, thanks.

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