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Running, jogging, walking its all exercise and its all free (when you go outdoors). Unfortunatly your either built to enjoy it or your not but everyone give it a go at some point. So heres a helping hand to get you started.

#1 Dont go out for a jog on a full stomach, you will get a stitch, leave about 1 hour after eating food.

#2 Make sure you take some water.

#3 Warm up, start by walking, for a couple of minutes, increase that to a faster walk

#4 Stretch, some dynamic stretches including: knees ups, bringing the knees up to the chest hold for 1 second and change. Bums kicks, kicking your bum with your heals. Goose walk, marching with you leg straight out infront pointing the toe up to the sky. Swing the arms forward and backwards.

#5 Start by jogging, and have a realistic number in mind, for example 100. So say ‘right Im going to jog for 100 paces’ so every time your right foot touches the floor thats 1. After 100 paces, walk for 100 paces, and continue until you nearly reach your destination. Please DO NOT jog for as long as you can the first time because that will be it, you wont be able to run that far again because you will be too knackerd. Pace yourself, if you find it to easy, the next time you can increase the jog amount and decrease the walk amount.

#6 When you have almost reached your destination, slow down your walk to bring the heart rate back down ready to stretch

#7 Strecthing is really important, without it you will just become injured.

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