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Grey Line

So you’re out in the sea…

…you can see a wave coming and you want to catch it. You start paddling, pop up have an awesome wave, then you got to get back out there. But your arms are tired and your shoulders are aching, you just know your next wave is going to be hard work, but you’re having so much fun you want to stay out there, and keep catching wave after wave.

If you’re a body boarder, canoeist/kayaker or generally anything in the sea I can help you.

Let me help you improve your time in the sea by working on the explosive power from your arms and shoulders, and improving the muscular endurance, so you can stay out there for hours.

In this program I can help you improve your flexibility, allowing your muscles to work more effectively.

Or, if you don’t like the thought of going out in the sea, but do like the though of looking great on the beach…come along and get that body!

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