• super food bread

    Super Food Bread

    I found this recipe on my new favourite app, ‘Deliciously Ella’ Ella says “I love this bread. It’s so delicious, so amazingly rich & wholesome, with a wonderfully nutty flavour.” I completely agree, as someone that really eat bread or starchy foods, ever, I find it really nice...

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  • IMG_1158

    My Fitness Pal – Good or No?

    Hey there RUFITers… Food, I LOVE it, but I’ve been having some issues. Let me explain… Every weekend I plan my own personal exercise session around work and other commitments for the coming week. Ill also jot down what foods I could have on each day to keep it interesting and work for...

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  • photo 5 (1)

    Food Gallery

    If there is something you like to look of, just click on it to find the details.

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