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    10 reasons why you should join small group training.

    Enrolling in a small group class makes workouts more enjoyable and you also get better results than you would typically get from spending hours alone on a treadmill. You can see so much ‘advice’ and instruction from so many different sources, how do you know which is right to do? There are...

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  • What’s next in the recovery process?

    At the age of 16 I fell off my bike, shattered the radius in my right hand, cracked my right knee cap and had a bone graph from my left hip. I was told I would NEVER be able to dance at the same level I had for the previous 12 years. But I proceeded

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  • vegan squash and black bean chilli

    How to cook-Vegan Black Bean and Squash Chilli

    FOOD, I LOVE FOOD. It s so important to feed yourself with the fuel you need to carry out a productive and energy filled day. I don’t give myself a Vegan or vegetarian title, because I love to have freedom. But plant based protein is not just easy to digest, but low is saturated fast

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  • old title

    When are you too old to Exercise?

    Goodbye bowls, bridge and dominoes. Hello yoga, aqua-aerobics and line dancing. Britain’s senior citizens are ditching their traditionally sedate pastimes and joining gyms to keep fit. Meet the Athletic Older Person, or AOP – a new breed of over-60s who are putting their younger counterparts...

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  • colour 10 tABATA


    Sometimes getting a workout in and around my schedule can be tricky. But making that quick 30 minute slot will usually give the best workout. I use Tabata training, to work my energy systems to the max meaning I burn fat and work the Cardio Vaslcular at the same time. I’ll choose five exercises,...

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