• super food bread

    Super Food Bread

    I found this recipe on my new favourite app, ‘Deliciously Ella’ Ella says “I love this bread. It’s so delicious, so amazingly rich & wholesome, with a wonderfully nutty flavour.” I completely agree, as someone that really eat bread or starchy foods, ever, I find it really nice...

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  • weight-loss-tips

    Weight Loss and How to Achieve It.

    ” I want to loose weight” This is probably the most common reason for people wanting to start exercising. To lose weight, should I spend my time doing more cardio or more strength training? To lose weight, what should I eat? To lose weight, how often should I eat? How long do I need to

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  • Over Eating at Christmas.

    Christmas seems to be a time for over-indulging in foods we would normally avoid, putting immense pressure on our digestive tracts thus expanding our waistlines. We put our bodies through a massive stress when eating and drinking too much food and drink. With a little fore thought we can help ourselves...

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  • sugar

    A Sugarless September

    This month I set myself a challenge…No Sugar or Chocolate for a month! That means no sweets, no sugar or syrup in coffee and no chocolate bars or biscuits and no cake. Why would I do that? I noticed myself hunting for the chocolate or sweets every time I went to the super market or

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  • Energy Balancing Act part 2

    Welcome to Part 2 in this series of Balancing Energy. In part 1 we found out exactly what ‘Energy Balance’ means and the difference between negative and positive. This part will be finding out if counting calories is what we need to do, and if not, then what? Enjoy and look out for part 3...

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