Success Stories
Grey Line

I had a green training session with Becky. She was very helpful, informative about different types of stretches/excercises and made sure that the session was tailored to my levels of fitness. It felt amazing to excercise outside with someone to show me what I should be doing to get results. Becky was great fun and I really enjoyed myself, needless to say I definitely felt it the next day. Thanks Becky!

Becky…it’s quite possible that she has changed my life for me!

I’ve been very unfit for about 18 months, but before that I was always a runner.

But even then, running 5 miles, I still had to force myself into it and make myself go. Becky made Zumba so much fun (I had never done it before), and took such care in explaining everything and correcting the mistakes etc, and now all I think about all day is Zumba! At work, I am practising the steps under the desk even! I’ve signed up to 4 classes a week back home and for the first time in my life I actually can’t wait to get in there and do it! Hell, I’m even buying an Ipod so I can download some Zumba-tastic music!

So would you be able to pass on my thanks to Becky and let her know she is an amazing woman and anyone that can inspire me to leave the house to actually do exercise deserves a medal!

The Instructor… teaches the class with enthusiasm, encouragement and above all is good fun. She is a ‘ball of dynamite’.

As someone who only gave birth 4 months ago, its given me a new lease of life!!! Becky is approachable and accepts that we go wrong with some of the routines, she encourages and motivates, and above all praises!

Becky is an outstanding instructor-value her.