At the age of 16 I fell off my bike, shattered the radius in my right hand, cracked my right knee cap and had a bone graph from my left hip. I was told I would NEVER be able to dance at the same level I had for the previous 12 years. But I proceeded to complete a BTEC in Sport and Exercise Science and A-Level Dance. From there I began my business with Zumba, teaching up to 25 hours of high intensity, interval, Latin American dance fitness. My passion for food, fitness, health and being a role model in my growing business grew more every day. Then at the age of 26 I fell off my Skate board…this is my story about what happened and how I dealt with life without work and exercise.

This morning I had my last check up at the hospital.

I always feel nervous when I have an appointment, I guess everyone does. The apprehension of what the outcome may be takes over. But really there should be no need to worry.

Since my last check up, I rested a little after being told to listen to my body more. I also had to wear high heals, twice, for long periods of time and have tested the limits.

The resting was boring.

The high heals were fine, for a few hours, then it wasn’t my feet that hurt, it was my back.

I started to run. Only short distances. Run 100 paces, walk for 50, for about a mile. So nothing really, but it’s a start. The week of waiting after, to seeing if anything hurt, was long and not too bad. So I think I can start to build on the now.

I still get the niggles and numbness, but really I expect that for a long time yet and am aware that it could potentially only get worse as I get older. But I intend of keeping active and healthy for as long as possible to prolong that pain.

I knew it would get to the stage where I feel like  the struggle at the beginning doesn’t feel real or it feels like a lifetime ago, but it was really only just over five months. So lets look back.The original break, a spiral fracture to the right femur.

Six weeks after operation, where a nail and three screws had been placed inside the bone.

The final X-Ray, the bone has healed with just a little scar tissue left.


Teaching whilst sat on a chair, still working up a sweat, but loved watching my class dance away.

Thank you to my parents, boyfriend, friends and family for all of your support.

I probably didn’t thank you enough.

Thanks for the use of SJFITNESSUK and Oliver Hughes Physiotherapy.

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